Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What Are They? Cars? Building Blocks? Race Cars?
If you've never played with an Automoblox, then you and your child are missing out! The only problem we have with Automoblox is keeping them in stock! So what are they? Well, first Automoblox believes that we live in a world where toys are a disposable commodity, giving our children a harmful message and feel that it is better to have one GREAT toy rather than 10 cheap ones. They are designed as an heirloom toy from the beginning by anticipating the bond between the child and the toy to be so great that they would wish to save them forever! You can take them apart, put them together, roll them, race them allowing limitless joy, imagination, and creativity. You must read the story of the Automoblox, it started out as a high school project! We just love the story at Gifted Imaginations, children feel so proud when they put them back together, they can race them, and the collection of Automoblox grows every year. Automoblox are made from German beech wood and non-toxic materials.

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  1. Thanks for giving me the information about automoblox. I will surely get one for my kid.

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