Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greens The New Black

Trying to find toys that are good for Mother Earth? Celebrate Earth Day as a Green, Safe, Smart company who is committed to furthering environmental awareness. Take a look at some of these great Eco-Friendly toys by Plan.
The Recycle Game: New! This set includes a dice, a playmat, 4 recycled bins, 4 figures and 16 pieces of recyclable waste tokens. Made from recycled cardboard and soy ink. The person with no waste chips left is the winner!

The Parking Garage: With three floors elevator tower, attendants, booth, figure car and car wash! Children learn while playing, filling up the car, driving it down the ramp, parents can ask questions to help the child finish the story. A Platinum Award Winner! Mini Vehicles: The are environmentally-friendly and produced to stimulate a child's imagination, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play. The mini Fire Engine has won the Parents Choice Award! Eco Town: Specially designed to help educate Children about the importance of Eco-living. Children will have a great time building, playing and planning an entire town that runs on clean, renewable energy!
25% off Entire Order! Coupon Code: Earth

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